Call for application 2017-2018 – Seventh Edition

Roberto Morrione Award 2017 for investigative journalism


The Award, promoted by the “Amici di Roberto Morrione” Association, supports investigative journalism on national or international topics relevant to the Italian political, social and cultural life, such as mafia and other criminal organizations activities, illegal trafficking (e.g. toxic waste, arms, human trafficking, drugs, etc.), corruption, hidden or clandestine organizations activities with terroristic or subversive objectives, violation of human rights, etc.


The Competition is open to anyone under 31 years old as of 15th January 2018 midnight, the deadline for application. Single applicant or groups of maximum 3 members (additional members cannot be added during the implementation phase) may apply. 31 years age limit refers to each participant, even if s/he is part of a group (i.e. each group member must be within this age limit). Applicant as an individual is not allowed to be also a member of a group.

Projects characteristics 

Projects must be submitted online following the modalities as per the form at the website

Each project must include:

  • investigative report theme and purpose
  • sources and witnesses willing to collaborate
  • a production plan (places and timing of shooting, interviews, storyboards) and – for the WebDoc only – the operative system and software that will be used together with the investigative itinerary interactive map.

Among all proposals, two projects for video production and two for WebDoc will be selected. Each of those four projects will receive € 4,000 contribution (25% upfront and the rest upon delivery of the final product ready to be aired or published online).

During the implementation phase (approximately 4/5 months), journalistic, technical and musical tutors will be mentoring the authors of selected projects, with the legal advice of Giulio Vasaturo Lawyer.

Each video length must be maximum 20 minutes.

WebDocs will be evaluated on the basis of their balance among the following aspects: scripts, audio-visual materials, animations, illustrations. Storytelling structure and reporting quality will have great importance for the final judgment.

During the four months of production activity, in case of disagreements or other serious conflicts and issues which could compromise the work finalization, the Jury and the tutors reserve the right to withdraw the financing.


All competition entries must be submitted to the Administrative Office by midnight of 15th January 2018, filling the form and including the following attachments: curriculum vitae, showreel video of maximum three minutes for the video reportage or links to samples of similar web productions done by the applicants for the WebDocs (not necessarily related to the topics of the Award).

The selected projects will be announced by the end of March 2018.

The implementation phase will last approximately 4/5 months.

During the implementation phase, participants will be informed on technical parameters for the final products. Projects of low technical quality or that do not comply with those parameters might be ruled out from the competition.

Final prize

Two prizes in cash of € 2,000 each will be given to the best video report and to the best WebDoc based on the irrevocable decision of the Jury. These two projects will be broadcasted by Rainews24 (TV) and published on (web), according to the channel time schedule.

By submitting their entries, authors authorize the organizers to process and use their personal data and videos and to screen them via television, web and other means used by Premio Roberto Morrione. They further agree to sign the specific disclaimer.

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The Italian language version is the only valid version.